Surjivan Resort Manesar

Every individual desires to have those getaways from their daily routine and work schedules  just to be able to relax and breathe some fresh air; if you have a stressful round-the-clock work life then you would precisely know what this is about, wouldn’t you? So for all those tired souls who need an escape real bad, the Surjivan resort Manesar is a beautifully located resort on the national highway no. 8 and is only an hour drive from Delhi!


Introduction to the traditional beauty

Known to be one of the best ethnic village resorts there are in Mumbai currently, the Surjivan  Resort Manesar is very well based out on an Indian traditional theme of a village and by the looks of it, you wouldn’t be denied any sort of peace and harmony with the kind of environment and surrounding the resort provides you! Along with the traditional indoor and outdoor games that the resort offers, one would surely be appalled to see over 50 acres of lush green farmlands that they are surrounded with, from all sides! Miss that kind of greenery in your hush busy lifestyles now, don’t you?

Surjivan Resort Manesar

The Village architectural structure!


The cottages at this resort are very earthy but also uniquely built at the same time; traditional bed rooms with attached bathroom and cottages that have mud walls with organic colors on it are sure to enhance your experience! Those organic colors are exactly the additional element that your weekend needed to make it peaceful and harmonious. Thatched roofs and the Jharokhas of the olden times that provide natural cooling are exactly the cherry to the cake.

Your weekend getaway to-do list

Apart from relaxing and taking a break from your exotic work life if there is any strength left in you then you definitely have to drive down to this weekend getaway resort and that shall be enough to refill your energy tanks! The rest of the weekend, of course, can be well spent with delicious organic food, pleasantries with magnificent flower gardens and landscape views and the soothing sound of birds chirping in the background.
Best part about this amazing place is that it is just over an hour drive away from Delhi and thus is a perfect spot for a one day picnic or even a weekend outing; what are you waiting for then? It’s break time!