Pratapgarh farms jhajjar

Bored of our jobs in the city, we always imagine that living in a rural setting would help us understand the origin of our country better and make us feel closer to our roots. But with cities becoming larger and larger, accommodating nearby villages to become extensions of our life, rural settings are just getting further away for us city people. We and our future generations are being deprived of the fact that how clean air feels, and how important a wholesome nutritional meal is necessary to sustain our energy levels for 16 hours daily. The craving for a natural rural setting and home cooked meal on the ‘chulha’ can never be recreated in a 5 star restaurant.

But now, people living in Delhi NCR need not bother about the lack of a genuine rural setting close by. Pratapgarh farms Jhajjar, is the best getaway for city people who would want to leave behind all their city luxuries, to experience the true essence of our country. Located in Jhajjar, Haryana, which is only 45 kms away from New Delhi airport, makes the place an ideal destination for one day picnics and a full day of rejuvenation, pampering and delicious ethnic cuisine. The mirror image of an Indian village, Pratapgarh farms Jhajjar is a botanical garden, wherein guests are involved to perform activities of a villager like gardening, farming and peripheral dairy activities. The experience is a good learning activity for children, who have only read about these things in books.

Pratapgarh farms Jhajjar
From pottery to arrangement to play local rural games: gulee danda, pethoo, lattoo, tug of war etc, makes everyone forget their tough lives in the city. While children and the men in the family can enjoy these games, the ladies can indulge in some rural spa rituals like head massage, mud baths, rural facials like Buttna etc.

At the Pratapgarh farms, Jhajjar, one can enjoy delectable vegetarian and non vegetarian dishes of Haryana, Rajasthan and Punjab, making one realize that Indian food is absolutely way above Italian, French, Mexican or fast food cuisine. With so much to do and more, the experience at the farm will ensure that you come back here every few weeks, just to reignite the love for the rural setting and home cooked food, even if it is just for a day or two. So, next time when you crave to have authentic Indian cuisine, laden with flavours and ghee and want to feel closer to the Indian roots, you know where to head to.