Camping near Delhi – Adventure on a roll!

If you reside in or around Delhi and have a very hectic life then you must know what it’s like to want to travel but not have enough time to travel distances and also not have enough places or open areas to visit around Delhi; what a mess to be in! Well, here’s a surprising list of few places around Delhi, just a few kilometers away that prove as amazing camping sites but haven’t been discovered by a lot of people yet! And for the people who don’t reside in Delhi, these attractive sites would be luring enough for you to travel all the way to simply enjoy the place and the beauty!

  1. Kangojodi (Sirmour District) – Enroute Shimla, on the Nathan-Shimla highway, lies this small and beautiful village called Kangojodi and is surprising only 275kms away from Delhi. With lush green pine forests and comfortable and mildly chilling temperature here all year round, this getaway camping site has beaten tons of different places to make it amongst the top noted places. The adventure activities, trekking to the top of the mountain or even lazying around the stream at campsite; all a part of a great weekend trip.
  2. Landsdowne (Pauri Garhwal District) – Known as the favorite destination for many a corporate outings, this beautiful forest and landscape filled outing is just 245kms off from Delhi. You could simply take a stroll around the oak and pine forests out there or even go trekking and do bird watching. Besides, this place has a lovely vantage point to sit spotting the Himalayan peaks, Chaukhamba and Trishul from there.
  3. Kausani (Bageshwar District) – Mahatma Gandhi called this place, the Switzerland of India and it is surprisingly true as the Kausani hills strike an uncanny resemblance to the Swiss Alps. Around 410kms away from Delhi, this beautiful place is indeed ideal for camping and even for trekking on the Kausani hills; it is not close enough to be a weekend getaway, but it’s appalling beauty and breathtaking viewpoints can melt you enough to take another day or two off from work!

There are quite a few places apart from these too that have maybe gone unnoticed in our day to day lives but hold amazing surroundings and serenity in its wind. Whatever your choice of camping, you might want to get packing immediately; it’s that exciting!

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