Botanix Nature Resort Damdama Lake

Away from the metropolis hustle and bustle, noise and pollution Opposite Damdama Lake at the foothills of aravalis, village abhaypur district gurgaon.Hosting a lush green park over 30 acres in the midst of sanctuary which include various theme gardens. Resort offers a very wide range of living options which includes comfort of bungalows and feel of mud cottages mingled together in the lap of nature with trendy village feel. The resort may not only be considered as just a picnic spot but it offers a unique nurturing and nursing experience to the visitors. The resort is brain child of best landscapers of the country Samak India credited with landscaping of Rashtrapati Bhawan and many heritage and monumental sites in our country along with inputs of government of Haryana & WWF one of its kind rich in bio – diversity, flora and fauna. The resort is complete destination for people of all age groups.

Food and beverages Botanix Nature Resort

Authentic ancient Indian food which is served in typically traditional Indian manner and which mainly constitutes organic ingredients from organic gardens which is at the same time very hygienic and nourishing also gives the village touch .

Botanix Nature Resort

Botanix Nature Resort activities

The state of the art facilities mingled with village touch makes it best and one of the kind resort in our country and adding to it various unconventional in house training programs with inhouse facilities and trainers add to the quality of life provided amidst city life. Learning the simple yoga with a trained yoga instructor, nature walk, indoor athletics, games like tug of war, tambola, musical chair, Burma bridge, cliff jump,rappelling,trust fall, spider web ,swimming ,camel riding ,bullock cart riding  adding to that various normal household activities of a village house like cow milking, potter wheel, ancient cookery and churning milk etc along with loads of outdoor games .

Botanix Nature Resort Packages offered

The resort offers packages for day excursion, conferences, team building, holiday packages, weekend packages, school cluster packages, adventure tenting, keep in Swedish cottages. The specially designed and focused packages are the unique selling point. These packages include

  1. Specially designed program for children and adolescents 4 days trek campus, 8 days relax campus for children of age groups (8-18) where proper trainings are provided to inculcate empathy,compassion,social & environmental concern, survival camping and cooking, leadership & confidence building fun games, adventure activities and conflict resolution. The complete package would include accommodation and food.
  1. Specially designed programs for corporate focusing on team building, leadership and enhanced performance at workplace.


  1. Specially designed programs for family.

All the destination programs are result oriented and focus on individual development, along with imbibing better team working and socially responsible personalities.
Various functions like marriages, parties, anniversaries and private events can be conducted here.

Access to the place

The botanix Nature Resort is easily accessible which just a 40 minutes drive from Delhi is.

What this place returns?

The time spent at this place will always be cherished and remembered as the best time the outdoor experience, hassle free stay, good hygienic and healthy food ,luxury camping, knowledgeable programs ,doctor on call facility, along with much required thrill to wake up the senses and rejunvate the body as well mind .