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Whenever you go to a place like Shimla or Kufri , tourists will find the unfathomable inundation . It is astonishing to think that so many times when you're in the crowd will enjoy a hang what the . However , if you go to places like Kasauli or Chayal strong perception that this holiday is the name of Ion ~ If you want peace too many sights beyond Shimla . Well it is not too far from Chayal Shimla .

Chayal sample that was also used to find just how beautiful sights in the battle of credibility . The first will be just a beautiful little mountain village Chayal . Its fortunes changed in the last decade of the 19th century . The value of Maharaja hurt so bad that he decided to challenge the pride of the British in Shimla . The result of Shimla palace in sight but at a higher elevation than insistence on the Chayal settled . This is higher than Chayal and Chayal Shimla Shimla in height can be seen . The funny thing is that Chayal Maharaja Bhupinder Singh had gifted some time ago by the British . Keuthl estate was part of Chayal before then . Chayal was built on three hills . Chayal Palace is on Rajgarh Hill , the Residency Snow View Pandewa is on the hill . Its ownership was never a British citizen . Chayal city is situated on the third hill Sbba dunes .

Not only at night Shimla , Kasauli town but also very attractive to look Chayal lights . Chayal not crowded like Shimla , actually not that much bigger . So here is peace , comfort , is calming . Chayal front with far reaching views of the valley is extremely beautiful , which probably do not get in Shimla . In this valley flows the river Sutlej . Comes from pine trees blowing in the summer breeze gives a feeling of coolness . Covered with yellow leaves in autumn golden color , as if the valley is able to cover it . Glittering white snow in winter looks the entire valley . Different every season . View Chayal Palace of the Maharaja of Patiala , is the biggest attraction . Hundred year old palace has now been converted into a hotel .

Patiala royal family are some of the country 's most affluent splendor and lux - Shaukat is still evident in the Palace . Located at an altitude of 7250 feet in Chayal the world's highest cricket ground. Beautiful and surrounded by pine and cedar trees . Although it is not any different stadium Chayal Military school playground , but the big attraction for tourists coming Chayal .

The field of play , and this is also used for polo in the world in terms of the highest polo ground. Chayal ten thousand square hectares large woodland is reserved . In this Chayal Gorl Sanctuary , sambar , deer and red jungle fowl , including Barkig small animals and birds . Ever - tend to see the occasional leopard . Half a century ago by the Maharaja of Patiala were left here by bringing the European red deer . None of these relict never get to see because their existence is in danger here .

There are also many places to see animals in scaffolding . Similarly, fishing lodge area remain in place . Gaura river 29 kilometers away from Chayal people who like to go fishing . Chayal among the pine trees in the forest to enjoy a walk is different . Around villages , Gaura Sutlej river or from the small - small can track . Sirmour district for nearly 12 thousand feet high peak Cud moonlight can also be tracked . Cud moonlight moonlit nights it is called so because of the slope looks like silver bangles .

The surrounding views from the top are amazing . Siddha Baba Temple of Chayal is one of the popular destinations . Maharaja Bhupinder Singh is said to have wanted his palace in the same place where today is the temple . Chayal is also famous for its Military School . The school was started several years ago by the British Independence . This is just the first military officers to prepare children for military examina intent was to provide free education . Slowly to changes in its format .

After independence, the public was allowed to read the children a fee . Kandagat way from Shimla to Chayal distance is different in the way . Kufri Shimla 'd come up with a way to come and catch the Kandagat will reach the Chayal . Kufri Shimla 45 km and 23 km away from the Chayal

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