Honeymoon Designation In India

First love after marriage pleasant - Choose this if you have a memorable journey of realization , where do Atkelian rays on the waves , beautiful landscape , snow-clad mountains are. The mind itself - B - himself yearned for adventure arises . Let's just beautiful destinations on the journey of love and to be romantic ...

Coorg : The Perfect Destination Of Love

Due to its natural beauty called the Scotland of India , Coorg . Honeymoon -wise it is a very beautiful place . The honeymoon between peace and the unparalleled beauty of nature will miss Taumr romantic moments . The plaintiffs in the pleasant breeze touching your running Rome - Rome will have a new realization . Kodagu Coorg in Karnataka and is also called . There are many beautiful tourist spot to hang out here .

King seat park is a separate attraction . There will be a different experience to see the sunset from here . The green - lush valley and see the beauty of the mountains hidden in the mist is formed . Get away - far greenery and river niagara the sound of flowing water . It would look beautiful and stunning views , the Nisargdma Come on . In addition , the famous Tibetan Monastery Visit Kushal Nagar Iruppu you can also visit religious areas .

Lcshmntirth The river flows here . It is said that Sita Ram and Laxman went through while looking for here . Nagarhole Wildlife Sanctuary is about 110 kms from Madikeri . Serpentine river flows in the middle of the park , whose name it is called Nagarhole . The nearest airport is at a distance of 250 km , Mangalore 135 km and Bangalore .

Mysore is 150 kilometers from the nearest railway station . Bangalore , Mysore , Mangalore here on the regular buses and taxis .

Mauritius : nature 's miracle

Honeymoon and she 's out of the country , it might be better to Mauritius , because in this city you will not feel anything strange . When you arrive here , everything is so familiar will sound . The language , people seem to like all his . Spread the miracle of nature will embrace honeymoon couples must feel . It is as if seeing the beautiful ocean and white sands nature of this small island is decorated with his own hands .

The beach will be overwhelmed and waterfalls . DU Tamerin Bay , Bay du Tombu , such as Belle Mayor and Blue Bay Beach is worth a look . Located at the mouth of the river surfing Tamerin Tamerin Dew is the center of the bay . Located just 15 minutes from the capital Port Louis on Coco Bay du Tombu be thrilling to behold in itself . Mauritius is an island surrounded by the sea around , the beautiful sandy beach where tourists get hypnotized .

Hobbyists fishing boat gets here . National Park , Victoria Museum is worth a look . Scuba diving , water-skiing , like all water sports can be enjoyed . μ Lock Market is a market where the Weekly Hot . Most Indian Hindi-speaking people in Port Louis . India lives in a small way here .

Macau - Hong Kong : Famous for Rnginiyt

China Southern - the most beautiful city of Macau is located on the east coast . The splendor is scattered everywhere . A large part of Macau's famous casinos and gambling in the world . So it is from the Las Vegas . The night views are quite different . It even changes the color of the day and the night sky , but the atmosphere remains the same Rnginiyt clock . Being a colony of Portugal in Macao with China - might also be imprint of European style .

Macau Tower is the major center of attraction . Its height is about 333 meters . Taipa and attractions to entice visitors to Cologne . Macau International Airport on Taipa Island . Flights to Macau from around the world . If the case of Hong Kong , so it high - high buildings are almost touching the sky . The most famous and massive building of Hong Kong Bank of China Tower.

The headquarters of HSBC is known for elegance . Hong Kong in the South China Sea is a group of 236 islands , of which the main ones - Hong Kong Island , Cologne and New Teretrij . Between mainland China and New Teretrij pm - Choose river flows . Lancu Island is the largest island . Hong Kong is part of China . The world is a major trading port .

The Nain Wuling Park , Tsim Sha Tsui deck , Hollywood Road , Man Mo Temple , Hungshing temple is worth visiting . Hong Kong's international airport building is the tallest building here . Many native to Hong Kong from Mumbai and Delhi - Foreign Airlines offers direct flights daily .

Bali : Famous for the beautiful beach

Indonesia 's Bali island is famous worldwide as a romantic honeymoon destination . It is also quite popular among the people of India . This year a large number of people arriving for the honeymoon . The beautiful beach , is enchanting natural beauty and rich culture . Bali is also known as water sports destination . India's Hindu civilization is completely alive here .

Located on the beach in Bali Tnah rolling hill temple is a center of faith . Ramayana and Mahabharata effect can be seen in Bali . Bali is also known for arts and culture .

Maclodganj : the unparalleled beauty of nature

Surrounded by mountains , forests and beauty of nature , do not feel like removing the eye . Maclodganj in Himachal Pradesh is one such place . Plan your honeymoon stay calm between the plaintiffs and the nature of good and what could be better than this place . About 9 km from Dharamshala bus . Is situated at an altitude of Maclodganj . Tibetan number of people, due to their impact on the culture here is more .

If the terms of the main attractions here , with the temple of the Dalai Lama - Tibet Museum as a must-see . Then the head of the giant statue of Buddha in monastery that attracts tourists . If you come here in April , the Tibetan Institute of Performing Arts held every year to enjoy the big celebration .

As in Kashmir, the Dal Lake , which is about two kilometers from Maclodganj . Away . Although the lake is not that big , but very inviting . Large pine surround the lake - big tree attracts plenty of tourists coming here . Gggl The nearest airport is 15 km from Dharamsala . Away . Kangra is the nearest railway station , 20 km from Dharamsala . In the south. 85 km from here . At a distance of Pathankot railway station.

Shillong : North-East Scotland

Extremely beautiful capital city of Meghalaya, Shillong . The small town nestled on the hills of northeastern Scotland is called . It is the perfect destination for honeymoon couples . Especially during the monsoon then see the beauty of it gets. Shillong Shillong and 1496 meters above sea level , close to the peak height of about 1966 meters.

Shillong Shillong Peak overlooking the high looks extremely elegant . Boating enthusiasts , the artificial lake in Wards features . The lake is surrounded by beautiful gardens . You must feel good to be here . Sweet waterfall is also worth visiting . Looking for a very quiet place away from the crowds , so couples may come to love it . In addition , Elephant Falls' surroundings are enchanting natural beauty .

Sohra is 60 kilometers from Shillong . Was earlier known as Cherrapunji . This place is known for the most rainfall . Nohkalikai waterfall , Shillong Golf Course , Motfran , butter brought μ museums, art galleries , museums , etc. You can also view state . Umroi Airport is 40 kilometers from Shillong . From Kolkata and Guwahati is the direct μ Lite .

The nearest railway station is Guwahati , about 104 kilometers away from Shillong .

Lahaul - Spiti : calling green - lush valleys

There are plans honeymoon tours , Himachal 's Lahaul - Spiti can be an excellent destination . All around the lake , snow-covered peak and the natural beauty is stunning . Lahaul and Spiti adjacent to each other isolated valleys are named . Lahaul absolutely fadeless , the Spiti Valley is a desert snow . Lahaul - Spiti way to go is through the Rohtang Pass in Kullu district .

The first has to go to reach Rohtang Manali , Kullu , which is approximately 40 kilometers ahead . Surjtal , Chandratal , Mani Young Coh Coh and Lahaul Spiti Dnkr four major lakes , which are located in the middle of the icy shell peaks . From Shimla Bus - Taxis are available . Pass in Himachal Pradesh that go to these valleys are usually covered with snow throughout the year .

Puddceri : Different feeling of love

Honeymoon to remember Taumr is a wonderful moment . Puddceri can help make it memorable . Honeymoon couples at different here - which would be realized . Indeed , the French ruled for years , so after coming here , it would seem that you may have come to an area with French influence . Garden neat, well , beautiful churches , historic buildings - The clean and wide roads along the course will draw .

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