Darjeeling Beautiful Place


Six months ago , when - Remove the coming two days , then got a nine-day tour . Nine tourists were included in our tour group by chance . We travel two and a half miles in nine days away , saying proved wrong . We had nine days touching the borders of Arunachal Pradesh and Mizoram , Uttar Pradesh , Bihar , Orissa , Jharkhand , West Bengal , Assam and Chhattisgarh visited the nine provinces . After many experiences Nuglpaigudi station to Darjeeling, landed on our team .

Washed waiting room next to the new platform - sunny little tea at the kiosk drew peace and sanitation so that the two together was like drinking tea . A friendly atmosphere and Darjeeling Tours ride started at the beginning of our mission seemed to grow in the right direction . We had hired a Tata Sumo to Darjeeling , his driver Rajesh Deoria district of Uttar Pradesh came from originally . It dissolves well in the short term to us - got it . He retired after his engineer father came here as indentured and then ended up being right here . Nuglpaigudi to Darjeeling road is very attractive . Chsuhana probably going to laugh and say this season - rhymes . Standing on side of road cardamom , bamboo , hemp, nuts , coconut , pine and incense thin and tall trees not only our senses , mind and soul were overwhelmed .

Pathways of wild flowers like sunflowers adorn shrubs were grown separately . On the far side of the road across hilly tea plantations when first seen , the heart of the garden - the garden has grown . Both all the way to Darjeeling and shops , as well as daily use of these woolen garments are fancy and artistic items . Prices are quite high, so bargain shopper tourists must speak . However, the behavior of these vendors are very polite and friendly . The short line Toytren has a certain charm .

The track ½ - ¾ m ranges , the compartment is very low and moving very slowly . This is only for tourists to enjoy . The telescope around in the park near the Chinese border extends far snowy mountain range can be seen clearly . We have people who witnessed it , take your mind away with pleasure . Rajesh plenty of beauty , giving way to a high peak at the end of Darjeeling , Tiger Hill, 13 km from the train stopped . Snow capped mountain ranges extends northeast from here is palpable .

It had a few laughs Gumtian 3-4 of tea - smiling young women tourists were even serve tea and tea leaves were sold . We also mesmerized by his smile - took a pound of tea leaf . But the tea should always dependable places . Tea plantation in the valley below the traditional color - multicolored tea leaves in baskets tied to head dressed tourists choose - choose the photos were drawn . The famous Vashisht temple and we have nine planets in the temple . Vashisht temple near the crystal clear water which flows a fountain . The temple upkeep can not be satisfactory . Astrology and Navagraha temple built on the foundations of perforation when we arrived , were the evening 's 8 o'clock .

The temple itself were to close down , but fortunately we have a vision benefit . Of course we had a great hunting for vegetarianism in Darjeeling . Finally got a Marwari restaurant . The owner was gentle . He Sewabav we have enough people with fresh ghee , fed . His face was divinity , which seemed to see through them the food that we get a good turn . Mukherjee Road Kolkata-based post-lunch dip House Balwant Fuding I jokingly asked her boss at the plate once you Prswa so why pay more rice . They spoke with Mndmuskan cut lip that brother! Bengalis coming here three times so we serve it .

Northeast rice is found primarily in every hotel . Returning to our train entered Uttar Pradesh felt like we may have been thrown from heaven to hell . Forum bankruptcy and the collapse of Uttar Pradesh cry when we cried , the other passengers joined in the discussion . Realized that Darjeeling is now a pleasant journey . Pinddan Falgu ancestors on the banks of the foot temple to Vishnu and Vishnu post - lotus feet of the philosophy . Bodh Gaya in Bihar and most expensive meal we had peace personable . But next to the Hanuman temple in Patna adjacent to the station in just 15 rupees we have a good square meal . Ganga Ghat and Dakshineswar Kali Temple in Kolkata and Guwahati Kamakhya Devi in philosophy . Gangagat in the Black Temple and Kamakhya Devi temple slaughtered buffaloes and rams can be thought of seeing pandas governments of the illegal regime. As the Dakshineswar Temple in Kolkata where she 's offering some are black , nor any of the soul , but also Drshnarthiyon free offerings are distributed . In front of the temple , which focus Ramakrishna used to sit on the terrace , where I sat for a few minutes then felt a supernatural peace .

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